What to ACTUALLY Do Once You’re Engaged

You’re engaged! Congratulations! So…now what?

Once the initial shock and awe wear off, here’s what you actually need to do.

Tell Close Family and Friends

A quick phone call, text, or FaceTime goes a long way. Start with immediate family, then extended family, and then close friends. Even though you may be tempted to make a social media post, those closest to you might feel snubbed if they aren’t told personally.

Get Your Ring Insured 

Seriously, seriously, seriously. Engagement rings are expensive and if you aren’t used to wearing jewelry, then it could be easy to accidentally damage or lose your ring! It’s a boring chore, but it’ll pay off in the long run if the worst were to happen.

Before You Do Any Planning, Watch Coach Mike Leach’s Rant

All jokes aside, Coach Leach is right. Understand that some people just lose their minds when it comes to wedding planning. I’ve done a ton of event planning in my career and confirmed the majority of my vendors in four days. (I’m not even kidding!) I knew what I wanted and what my non-negotiables were going into planning with my fiance. Speaking of which…

Determine Your Budget and Non-Negotiables

Crack open a bottle of wine and talk through your finances with your significant other and what your non-negotiables are when it comes to your wedding. For example, if you know that you only care about getting married in your hometown church, then make sure the two of you agree and plan around your “must-haves,” then fill in with vendors as they’re available. Also, realize that you don’t have to spend big $$$ to have a fabulous wedding! I think too many couples try to “keep up” and play the comparison game when it comes to their wedding.

I’m a Greek-American and have been to a TON of weddings. The only thing that truly matters is if 1) the couple looks great 2) the food is yummy and 3) the reception was fun. That’s it!

I’ve been to very expensive weddings that were downright awkward, and inexpensive weddings that were so fun I still talk about them. (Cost doesn’t matter!)

Make a Preliminary Guest List, Then Cut That Sh*t Down

When scoping out vendors, everyone is going to ask you how many guests you’re inviting. Your guest list is going to determine almost every aspect of your wedding – from the headcount for catering to the number of favors, invitations, save-the-dates and so on. Make an initial guest list and then cut. it. down.

This is probably the hardest part of planning a wedding, but when the average catering cost for a wedding in the U.S. is $4,000+, the cost adds up quickly.

Enjoy Being Engaged! 

Just ENJOY! The first few weeks can feel overwhelming, but there’s no rush to have your entire wedding planned in four days. (Unless you’re crazy like me!)

If you’re not sure what you want for your big day, take your time interviewing vendors and ask friends and family who have got married recently for their recommendations too.

Enjoy this time planning with your significant other and remember that the day is really about the two of YOU and your vision to kick off married life together.

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