Megyn Kelly Taught Me to Settle For More

I picked up a copy of Megyn Kelly’s newest book ‘Settle For More’ while waiting in an airport and did something I haven’t done in a long time: I read the whole thing in one sitting.

In her debut book, she takes the reader behind the scenes to explain how she became known as one of America’s most respected and hardest-hitting journalists.

She speaks openly and candidly about her life motto – “settle for more” – and how that phrase helped her through changing careers, losing loved ones and managing through her 2016 feud with Donald Trump.

Although I encourage one to read her book in its entirety, these were my favorite sound bites:

I’d advise anyone in a new job to do the same thing: say yes to everything. Everything within reason. Until you don’t have to. Do it happily and without complaint.

Winners take responsibility. Losers blame others.

And then Brit said one of the wisest of the many wise things he’s told me over the years: “You dig your own gold.”

I believe I fit into a new archetype for women that thankfully we’re seeing more often: multidimensional.

I’ve spent my time in my own office, working night and day, and opportunity came to me. Most of my own power has come from excellence, not advocacy. My approach is to say to myself, “Just do better. Be better.”

What I appreciate most about Megyn Kelly is how she writes about facing adversity with honesty and humor. It’s also refreshing to see how hard work comes full circle when one decides to “settle for more,” something that people no matter their age can put into practice in their own lives. As for me, I’m looking forward to “settling for more,” and putting in more hard work and optimism into 2018.

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