How to Brave a Style Change

Most of us, at some point, get bored with our style. We’re fed up with wearing the same things all the time. We’ve had enough of always being in the same colors or always wearing the same styles of clothes. You might even wonder if the clothes that you’ve always been wearing still suit you, or even if you like what you are wearing. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to fashion and style, and hard to see a way out. 

It’s hard to make changes when you’ve been wearing the same kinds of things for a long time. If you’ve had the same hairstyle for years, you might worry that another wouldn’t suit you, and if you’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, you might worry about what other people would say if you suddenly wear more girly clothes. Making changes is tough, but sometimes you need to do it to make yourself happy and boost your confidence. If it’s time for a change, here are some tips to help you brave it. 

Start Small

You might be tempted to completely change your style overnight, but it’s not always that easy. You’ll be worried about what other people will think, and a full style change might need some experimentation, not to mention shopping, to get right. 

So, start small. You could change your piercings to ornate hanging gauges, start wearing flats instead of heels, gently change the makeup that you wear, and begin introducing outfits slowly. This gives you a chance to experiment and find out what suits you, without diving out of your comfort zone. 

Make Changes During Holidays

If you are worried about how other people will react, sometimes it’s easier to make changes during a holiday, or when you aren’t at work. It can be easier to brave a change when you are away from your usual friendship group. Take the time when you are away to experiment and try new things, using a different audience for a trial run so that you are already confident in your new look when you get home. 

Don’t be a Copycat

It’s a great idea to take inspiration from other people. Look at people that you admire, whether celebrities or people that you know and take inspiration from them. But, don’t try to copy completely. Look for simpler styles and colors, but try to always put your own spin on things. 

Ask for Honest Feedback

It’s hard showing your new look to people that you know well, but these are the best people to ask for options and advice. Ask them what they think, and what they think suits you. But be prepared for some honest answers. 

Be Prepared for Questions

People will ask questions. They’ll want to know why you want a new look, or why you’ve made changes. They may assume that there’s something wrong, or that something has happened in your life. You don’t have to tell them anything, of course, but you need to be prepared for them to ask. 

Find What Feels Good

Whatever anyone else thinks, it’s important that you are happy with your look, and that you feel comfortable. Find a style that you like, and feel good in and go for it.

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