Automatic Savings Tools to Grow Your Emergency Fund

A recent survey found that 58% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. 


Saving money can be hard, but even on a tighter budget, here are some resources to ensure you have money coming in over the long term.


Though some become uneasy about the thought of sharing their financial information on their phones, Albert is a secure financial service that can help automate your finances.

From overpayment protection to automatic savings in addition to smart investing, Albert is a financial planner you have access to directly from your mobile device.

Albert will analyze your income, send you overspending notifications, and reminds you when bills are due.

Clarity Money

Calling themselves the “champion of your money,” Clarity Money helps users understand the broader picture of where their money is being spent.

One aspect that Clarity does well is managing subscriptions and most frequent recurring transactions.


An intuitive investment app, Acorns invests your spare change to grow your wealth over time. Acorns take the change generated from a transaction and invest it for you.

For example, after you spend $3.13 on your iced coffee, Acorns invests the remaining 87 cents. They’ve recently upgraded their plans from $1, $2, or $3 to help you save for retirement.

Tip Yourself

Though it isn’t an investment app, Tip Yourself provides a great opportunity to make sure you are saving for yourself.

Because Americans are used to tipping in service-based industries, this app ensures you’re also setting aside cash for yours truly.

Bank savings

Just as your paycheck is directly deposited in your account, you can log in to your bank and ensure it is also being automatically saved on the same date.

Almost like a bill, this approach will make sure you’re not dipping too much into your own savings account.

Cash envelopes

As old school as it may seem, cash envelopes are an effective way to save for major purchases and can help you get back into manageable financial habits.

It’s easy to overspend with debit and credit cards, but by using cash envelopes, you can quickly see how much you’re spending.

(Plus, once the money is gone, it’s gone!)

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